New book release: Big Data Demystified’  (available for pre-order)


Analytics Program Development
We work alongside organizations to help them build new analytics departments or launch new initiatives for business applications of big data, data science or artificial intelligence. Such a process is typically performed at the client’s location, working closely with key stakeholders over the course of several months

Interim Leadership and Staffing
We provide analytic expertise at medior, senior and director levels to help companies quickly staff up for limited-term projects or to deliver immediate value while permanent staff is being recruited

We provide consulting for companies seeking to answer specific strategic, tactical or operational questions related to business applications of data science.  We also help with the scoping of roles and screening of applicants for internal data science positions


“David was a tremendous support in defining the contours of our data strategy within our global (marketing) environment.

He successfully ran workshops with our global CMO community to increase the overall awareness around the essential need and benefits of a clear data strategy.

I very much enjoyed working with David!”

— Frank Oerlemans, General Manager Digital Australia/New Zealand, Randstad