‘I have never come across a book that is so full of practical advice, actionable examples and helpful explanations.’ 
                        -- TOBIAS WANN CEO, @LEISURE GROUP 

 ‘This is the book we’ve been missing: big data explained without the complexity.’

This is fantastic. I want to make it required reading for so many people that I work with and have worked with in the past. I really like how it goes deep on some areas that many other books do a lot of hand-waving around, but it still keeps it digestible for readers who aren’t involved in this stuff on a day-to-day basis.
                        -- Former Product Manager, Google

Big Data Demystified is an introductory text for business leaders and graduate students that explains and applies Big Data and recent related advances in artificial intelligence and data science, laying out the fundamental concepts behind Big Data analytics along with the most relevant business use cases.  Even for readers without a technical background, Big Data Demystified will explain how to apply these tools to build better products, understand customers and improve business results, with considerations of required investment vs. anticipated results.

The text explores how organizations can harvest untapped data within their own systems; how they can identify and utilize external sources of data; and how they can utilize data science techniques to produce substantial business value; techniques that bring valuable insights and facilitate initiatives related to strategy, finance, marketing, product development, and more.  It also discusses the critical concern of managing Big Data with an eye to security, governance and individual privacy.  

Along the way, we discuss examples of how businesses sectors are experiencing measurable performance boosts and developing competitive advantage by utilizing modern Big Data tools and techniques.

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